A graphical shell for the current millenium. Currently conceptual.

Shoctode is a flow based programming interface, for live programming. It provides a real time preview of all data and graphical tools to build custom GUIs. Shoctode is based on the functional programming language to be decidet. The objective of Shoctode is to provide a current-millenium replacement for the CLI, while sticking to the core concepts of UNIX: Do one thing well. In spite of the UNIX shell it's based on the functional programming language to be decidet, which is used for all the libraries and the code generation.


At the moment there are basically two ways to interact with a computer: Text for the programmers and unix veterans and GUI for the mere user. Both approaches have huge advantages: With a GUI huge amounts of highly complex data can be displayed while the text interface provides the power of a programming language.

Shoctode aims at merging those concepts int a single, programmable user interface.


Shoctode requires a programming language (duh) and runtime, which should provide the following features:

The candidates are currently:

The Flow

Shoctode is written (and translates to) a functional language. Most of the functional concepts will be preserved (functions are just types, no side effects). The main difference will be, that the flow based style supports multiple return value, these can however be easily implemented by using tuples/structures as return value.


The following concepts of data flow programming shall map directly to their functional pendants:


Each application shall be run by default in a no-access-jail. This jail restricts access to (at least) the following resources:

The jail shall possess the ability to:

Default restriction for all IO, and process management is to deny access. Default for Memory/CPU Time is to allow a certain load. It is always possible to create a custom environment ("modify access") without restriction.

Jailing is done through access tokens, which can be modified to drop certain privileges.

Elevating access shall only be possible by using cryptographic keys to sign access tokens. These tokens shall also be the root of all permissions.

Where possible real cryptographic protection (e.g. Hard Drive Encryption) shall be used instead of access control (e.g. Full Disk Encryption instead of FS Permissions).

Think about

Put stuff here we need to integrate into the sections above.


You are very welcome to join use creating Shoctode and in writing the abstract. You can find the abstract and the code on GitHub: